December 6, 2009

Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air

A Michigan abortion facility engages in shameless lies and Orwellian double-speak to promote its killing business. Northland "Family Planning Centers" of Michigan is a land where good is evil and evil is good. The Abortion Facility advertises abortion as a "sacred work". To whom is it sacred? It is sacred only to those who hold nothing whatsoever sacred, i.e. the abortionists who profit from killing pre-natal children.

In an online video titled, "Every Day, Good Women Choose Abortion," the Northland spokesperson says, "We do sacred work that honors women and the circle of life and death. When you come here, bring only love.”

Love? Love has nothing to do with aborting one's baby,“thou venomed earth-vexing foul deformity,” who perverts the very word.

LifeSite News (December 4, 2009) says, "Northland "Family Planning Centers" of Michigan are now advertising their services with a video calling abortion "sacred work."

“Set to soft, upbeat piano music and themed with pink pastel shades, a recently uploaded video entitled "Every Day, Good Woman Choose Abortion," assures prospective customers that deciding "to have an abortion is a normal experience," and that the decision is a good decision. The video's spokeswoman continues: "Goodness is courage, honesty, wisdom, risking for what you believe is right for you, making choices that are good for yourself."

"Goodness is not perfection, it is not obedience, and it is not martyrdom."

“The staff at Northland, the narrator continues, believe in the "essential goodness" of abortion. The narrator speaks of a sign hanging at the Northland abortion facility that reads: "We do sacred work that honors women and the circle of life and death. When you come here, bring only love."

The video showcases a quotation from the recently murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller, which states: "Abortion is not a cerebral or a reproductive issue. Abortion is a matter of the heart. For until one understands the heart of a woman, nothing else about abortion makes any sense at all." 

(Continue reading about this abomination at LifeSiteNews)


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