December 26, 2007

True and False Feminism

If a true feminism exists, and I believe it does, then it must be genuinely humanistic. A true feminist is a sincere lover of mankind, since both men and women comprise equal parts of the same human family. A feminism that is anything less, such as pro-abortion feminism, is false and antihuman.

The pro-abort feminist, because she supports a woman’s so-called right to abortion, advocates a position that is self-contradictory. First, it denigrates the mother by allowing her to commit the most unnatural and inhuman of acts—prenatal child murder. Second, it fails to respect females and their inherent rights since it allows the supreme act of violence against prenatal females.

The radical, pro-abort feminist is well-known for her rants against men. “Look”, she says, “how badly men have treated women throughout history!” I can only agree with her statement. However, I must add, “Look, too, how badly men have treated men throughout history.”

To what purpose does the pro-abort feminist object to past or present exploitation of women by men while she promotes an ideology that exploits women and leads to killing the unborn?

Tragically, pro-abortion feminism denigrates and victimizes females. A true feminism must necessarily be pro-life.

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