May 7, 2010

Pope Benedict and the Media

I HAVE been intending for some time so say something about the media's irrational attacks on the Pope. Clearly the media and its anti-Catholic allies are desperate to find some evidence implicating the Pope in a cover-up of clerical sex abuse. Hypocritical pontificating by the popular media is generally what it does best. Who would think the media's anti-Catholic bigotry could become more transparent than it already has been for some time?

There is no evidence implicating the Pope in a cover-up. Supposing, for the sake of argument, there existed some real indication of complicity, of which there is none, it is most unethical for any attorney or journalist to try a case in the media.

However, as there is no evidence to speak of, merely ungrounded accusations, and so on, the foregoing fact amply illustrates that the idea of journalistic ethics may not even be so much as an idea in the minds of many journalists. It seems that journalistic ethics is practically non-existent.

Catholics should not be complicit in media attacks on the Church. We should be writing letters of protest to the editors, or canceling any subscriptions to these organs of anti-Catholic attitudes and provide the editor with an explanation for the cancellation. Why support any organization whose goal is to undermine Catholic morality and beliefs?

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