September 1, 2009

Why Darwin Does Not Matter

I previously posted a few of my disagreements with Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design, by Michael Shermer. In retrospect, the irony of the book’s title, Why Darwin Matters, is rather amusing. That is, there are no compelling reasons for the Darwinist to take his materialist version of evolution seriously, because, if Darwinism is true then nothing matters, not even Darwinism.

Since Darwinists purposely assert there is no purpose in nature, they should lighten up, have a beer, and not take ol’ Victorian Charlie’s glorified Ape or anything else so gravely.

A more suitable title for Shermer’s book is, Why Darwin Does Not Matter.

~The End

I am too fat to climb a tree,
There are no trees to climb;
Instead, the factory chimneys rise,
Unscalable, sublime

The past was bestial ignorance;
But I feel a little funky,
To think I’m further off from heaven
Than when I was a monkey.

G.K. Chesterton: Race-Memory (By a Dazed Darwinian)

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