March 16, 2009

The Bush-Obama Debacle

This is a re-write of my little harangue about depraved presidents. Yes, I mean depraved, though it sounds so indelicate.

During one of my recent backpacking trips in the high Sierras, I met Steve, a former sergeant with the U.S Army Rangers. Steve was catching up on some long overdue camping, of the leisurely kind. He spent many years in Iraq and now suffers from exposure to depleted uranium munitions. Government doctors say otherwise…of course.

Steve plans to spend some time protesting U.S. involvement in Iraq. We talked awhile about U.S. air strikes in Iraq. His opinion is that smart bombs aren’t. Far too often, they miss the mark. If I were to grade smart bombs on accuracy, I would give them a “C”, at best. Coincidently, that was George W. Bush’s grade average in college. I suspect many people helped him and he did some cheating on the sly to get that 2.0 G.P.A. (Or, was it 2.5?)

How did this illiterate Texas buffoon land in the White House and manage to bushwhack the nation for eight long years? The answer: many people helped him and he did some cheating on the sly. Congressional Democrats and Republicans, and especially war mongering neocons successfully manipulated America into two illegal and immoral wars. These wars will plague the world for a long time both economically and by the extremisms, they so predictably unleashed.

The U.S. economy is convulsing and some folks fantasize that Obama, whose understanding of political economy happens to be next to nil (with an error factor of plus or minus 1), can save us all. So far, Obama’s economic recovery ideas make about as much sense to me as Franklin Roosevelt daily flipping a coin to decide the price of gold. Obama will expropriate huge sums to fund every dead or dormant, unconstitutional special interest project Congress can unearth. To date, the Obama Administration remains clueless about the right actions to take in response to the economic crisis.

Be that as it may, far worse Obamanations are looming on the horizon. The pro-abortion movement will gain significant ground with this pro-abortion president. Obama's repeal of restrictions on fetal stem cell research is just one of many destructive waves to hit American society. Fetal stem cell research slights the sanctity of human life. In addition, it is nonproductive research. It has not produced anything that is medically useful. On the other hand, adult stem cell research has been successful in treating at least seventy different types of diseases.

With Obama in the White House, there is no end in sight to our nation's difficulties. An elected official who uses his position to support legalized abortion and deny an entire class of persons, the unborn, of the right-to-life, lacks true integrity and sound moral judgment. Therefore, when it comes to promoting the common good of society, we can expect that far too often, Obama will consistently miss the mark.

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