December 30, 2007

Augustine on Creation

I especially like the following excerpt from St. Augustine’s work On the Trinity. It shows him to be a man of profound vision. There is much to contemplate here about creation “unfolding” over time.

"For it is one thing to form and direct the creature from the most profound and ultimate pole of causation, and He Who does this is alone the Creator, God; but it is quite another thing to apply some operation from without in proportion to the power and faculties assigned by Him, so that at this time or that, and in this way or that, the thing created may emerge. All these things, indeed, have originally and primarily already been created in a kind of web of the elements; but they make their appearance when they get the opportunity. For just as mothers are pregnant with their young, so the world is pregnant with things that are to come into being, things which are not created in it, except from the highest essence, where nothing either springs up or dies, has a beginning or an end."

—St. Augustine: De Trinitate, 6, 10, II

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